If you are an adventurous tourist: Bali is the great place to visit

Bali. A place that not many people are considering visiting. This is mostly because they don’t really know all the things that you can do in Bali. Especially, if you are an adventurous tourist. The moment that you know everything you can do and see in Bali, then you will know that this is a great place for your next tour. These are some of the activities that you can do when you are in Bali:

Visit the Bali Safari and Marine Park

This is the number one place that you should visit when you are in Bali. The Bali Safari and Marine Park. This is the largest park in Bali that is offering a large variety animal that you can see. Animals that are fascinating and that will give you some more information about them.

If you feel like taking an adventure, this is the first place where you should go. This is a great activity that you can enjoy with your whole family. Of all ages. Turning this into a day trip.

Exploring Goa Gajah

For sure the Goa Gajah is the one place for the adventurous tourist. Goa Gajah is also known as the Elephant Cave. A cave that is full of interesting things that you can see.

Things that you will find there are rock-wall carvings, a central meditational cave, bathing pools, and fountains. All things that are build years ago and that are known as ancient. This is a great place to walk and to explore. See all the different things that are available to you at the site. This is another attraction that you and your whole family can enjoy. Even a better place to have a picnic at.

Walk through Ubud Art Market

You really can’t leave Bali, without going to the Ubud Art Market. This is a market where you can purchase and find a large variety of products that you can purchase. Some of these products are manmade and they are selling it for getting an income.

This is a great place where you can find souvenirs and buy things cheaper than anywhere else in Bali. This is a great activity to take a day and to just walk through the market and enjoy everything that there is to offer.

Ubud Monkey Forest

This is an activity that is only for the tourists that are really in the mood for an adventure. Go to the Ubud monkey forest and enjoy the beauty of the forest and see as many monkeys as you can. This is a forest where the monkeys are running free. And, if you are lucky, you will see a couple of them in the forest.

Bali. A great place for enjoying some adventures.  These are the top things that you can do and experience in Bali. Something that you really should consider doing, when you are planning a trip to Bali. You will not regret this for one moment.

The reason why you should visit the Great Wall of China

You have heard about the Great Wall of China, but this is a place that you didn’t see before. You are traveling all over the world, but you don’t really know the reasons why you should be visiting this historical wall. However, one thing that you need to know is that there are many reasons why you should visit this historical site in China. You will regret it if you are in China, but you don’t see the Great Wall of China.

Learn more about China’s history

You might think that it is only important to know the history of your country and culture. However, this is not the truth, It’s important for everyone to know as much as possible about other countries as well. Their history and historical buildings.

This is especially important if you are going to travel all over the world and wanting to see all the historical attractions. Then, you will have some history behind the building. This is the same with the Great Wall of China. And, there are some interesting facts about the history of the Great Wall.

You can take the tram ride to the top of the wall

You don’t really want to visit the wall, because then you need to walk all across the wall. And, this can be quite some distance. However, if you don’t feel like walking, you can take the tram. The tram is going to give you a ride to the top of the wall.

This is ideal for those tourists that want to experience everything that everyone is experiencing, but you can’t walk the long distance. Then, the tram ride is going to be your ticket to the top of the wall.

Walk across the wall and see all the secret spots

There are a couple of secret spots that you can find when you are walking across the wall. This is a great adventure to walk the distance and to reflect on the history and to see the different secret spots.

There are even families that are in competition to see how many of them can find all the secret spots on the wall. This makes everyone interested in walking the wall. Something that every single tourist in China should do.

It will feel if you are back in time

If you are walking the wall slowly, it will feel if you were walking back in time. If it is years ago when the wall was first to build. This is a great feeling to walk on the Great Wall of China.

The Great Wall of China. One of the most popular tourist attractions in China. However, there are many tourists that are wondering why this is something that they should be walking. For these reasons, you will know that when you are traveling to China again, that the Great Wall of China is going to be on your attraction list to visit.

Top 3 hotels in Kuta

There are a lot of hotels in Kuta to visit, to explore and to relax in. These hotels are full of luxury activities, spas, and other activities for the whole family. With beachfront and beach views hotels. Honeymoon suites that are to die for. This is why it is important to make sure that you know the top 3 hotels in Kuta. So that you have the best possible time.

Discovery Kartika Plaza Hotel

This hotel is located near Indonesia. The most common and popular hotel in Kuta. You can go treat yourself to the Discovery spa after a day of exploring.  

From the restaurant, you can see the ocean and beach views. There is a local bar as well as a lounge. In the spa, there is the summer special treatment for two. This hotel is the best honeymoon suite. Breakfast is included in the en-suite room.

Amnaya Resort Kuta

The resort is located in the best part of Indonesia. This is one of the most relaxing and entertaining resorts in Kuta. With an outdoor swimming pool.  This resort is selected for the business center and have a function room. Sea view. bar near the pool.

The hotel is in the middle of awesome nature, to feel calm and relax.  In every room, you can see the jungle view or city. At the resort, there is a restaurant that serves great food. You will be able to get free Wi-Fi, and it is a non-smoking hotel. Near the resort is the Discovery mall center.

Grand Inna Kuta hotel

The grand Inna Kuta hotel is also situated in Indonesia. It is of the nearest beachfront hotels, and also an essay walking distances to the shops and the Kuta Art Markets, attractions and restaurants. The luxury hotel includes room service, Multilingual Staff, and breakfast. There are babysitters to watch your children so that you can have fun at night.  

The style of the hotel is luxury, on the beach, and romantic. The two pools are a big and small pool. The view from the room is a pool and a small bit of sea view. The restaurant serves Al el carte and buffet so you can choose your favorite. There is also a view over the garden. The hotel has a modern atmosphere in the hotel. the nearby shops or activities are Kuta square, Sea turtle society. The restaurant what is nearby is the Dulang cafe.   

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These are the top 3 hotels in Kuta, with all the information you need to know to decide which one is going to be best for you. Now, you have one less thing to worry about. You will be able to choose the one hotel that is best for you. And, you will be able to enjoy your stay in Kuta.